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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I am eligible for an ignition interlock device?

Although the Draeger call center does not offer legal advice or interpret state laws, you can refer to your state laws webpage for more general information on interlock requirements. Also, check with your legal advisor or monitoring authority with any specific questions relating to local laws and DUI procedures.

At what breath alcohol concentration (BAC) level will my interlock device detect alcohol and record a failure?

Interlock lockout set-points are determined by state laws specific to your jurisdiction. Check with a legal advisor in your state for guidance on the lockout set-point and other requirements as a result of your DUI offense.

If my monitoring agency releases a report to the defense attorney, will I receive interpretation of the report?

No. The Draeger call center does not give legal advice or interpret reports for callers or other inquirers. A sample report with illustrative reading instructions is available upon request via email or regular mail to provide basic answers. All other inquiries must be made in writing and directed to the Draeger legal department.

Can I access my reports?

That depends upon your states laws. Except for participants in states with contrary legal requirements, Draeger is not able to provide reports to any individuals other than the appropriate monitoring authorities and certain licensed professionals (such as attorneys, health care providers, and counselors). Reports will only be sent to licensed professionals following payment of the reporting fees and receipt of all necessary approvals (such as user consent and any required state approvals).

Does the ignition interlock have a camera or a way to identify who is using my device?

Draeger makes a camera unit for both the Interlock 7000 and the Interlock XT to record the image of the individual taking the test. Camera units may not be offered in all areas, so check with your local service center as to whether the camera is an option for you.

Is anyone else allowed to drive my vehicle?

Laws vary by state on whether anyone other than the interlock program participant is allowed to drive a vehicle with an installed interlock device. Check with your legal advisor for guidance on this and other questions relating to local laws and DUI procedures.

Can I lower the standard breath sample volume?

It is our practice not to alter the standard interlock setting unless we receive either (1) written approval from the appropriate court of jurisdiction to lower the breath sample volume; or (2) documentation from a licensed physician verifying diminished lung capacity and the need for lowered air volume for a breath sample. In some cases, additional approval from the state authority is also required. Once the required authorization is received, Draeger will lower the volume to the minimum amount sufficient for effective operation of our devices.

If I miss my appointment, do I have to tow my vehicle in for service?

Not necessarily. In most cases, the ignition interlock device has a remote unlocking system that can be activated through the service provider. However, some states require that the vehicle is towed to the service center.